History of HKSPD

The Hong Kong Society of Paediatric Dentistry was inaugurated on January 9, 1991 with the Inaugural Dinner held in the India Room of the then Hong Kong Hilton Hotel.

Professor Stephen Wei was the Inaugural President; Dr. Nigel King, the Vice-President, Dr. Joseph C. Y. Chan, the Hon Secretary and Dr. Albert Lee, Hon Treasurer. The Constitution of Our Society was first drafted by Dr. Eilly Lau. Dr. Albert Lee set up our first business account at the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation in March 1991.

The Entrance fee to membership was HK$ 100 and the Annual Subscription was HK$150. Associate and Affiliate Members were admitted with a fee of HK$ 75 and student members were admitted free of charge. The Official Address of the Society was the Dept of Children’s Dentistry and Orthodontics, Prince Philip Dental Hospital, 34 Hospital Road, Hong Kong.

The first scientific meeting was held on September 24, 1991 in Hotel Victoria when we had three prominent speakers. They included: 1. Dr. Franklin Pulver who was the President of the International Association of Dentistry for Children and a professor from the University of Toronto. His lecture topic was Treatment of Trauma for the Young and Permanent Dentitions. 2. Dr. Maria Milner from Lund University, Malmo, Sweden. Her lecture title was “Craniomandibular Disorders in Children and Adolescents and the third speaker was Dr. Lars Matsson from the University of Umea, Sweden and her lecture title was “Destructive Periodontal disease in Children”

The Second Scientific Meeting was held October 3, 1991 when we again had three speakers who included Dr. Barry Scheer from London, Dr. Roger hall from Melbourne and Dr. Goran Dahllof from Stockholm, Sweden.

The first Annual General Meeting was held on January 7, 1992 in the Peony Room of the Hotel Victoria. Dr. Nigel King succeeded as President, Dr. Joseph Chan, Vice-President, and Dr. David O’Donnell, Hon Secretary and Dr. Albert Lee remained as Hon Treasurer and Prof Stephen Wei became Immediate Past President. The Society became a member of the Federation of Medical Societies in 1992. The Second Annual General Meeting was held on January 7, 1993. Dr. Joseph Chan became the third President, Dr. David O’Donnell, Vice-President, and Dr. Cynthia Yiu was elected Hon Secretary while Dr. Albert Lee remained as Hon Treasurer.

The Society continued to have three to four scientific meetings annually.